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  1. limitedmode

    wiengard MV 3500a ...automatic finds 110 but not 119

    Skowhegan, Maine that sounds nice had a guy that his was doing the same thing. took off that hood and watched the little tin dish move around it was pretty neat. he called dish network and they put him in touch with there rv support team to no avail. i just gave him a 500 dish
  2. limitedmode

    commercial programing for cnn

    i went to a commercial customer this week and he had changed his programming package to B, which included cnn that was supposed to come in on 4530? anyway we could not get any 4000 series channel to come in on the guide and when we hit the # directly it went to 455 pay per view. it is a 311 and...
  3. limitedmode

    Partial and Total signal loss message in error.

    what is the noise level at the box on those transponders.could be the dppt. i've had 3 "new" dppt's that were bad this week