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    Just Lost All My Locals

    for real mine is back up as well
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    Did anyone lose 129 HD Locals

    Yessir we are.
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    Just Lost All My Locals

    Message on the screen says Sorry for the interruption. There is no need to call us. We are working to have this channel back as soon as possible. You may still watch non-local programming by pressing the GUIDE button on your remote control and selecting another channel. WHAT...
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    4/7/2009 2:08pm - Uplink Activity Report - 6 changes - NOT VIACOM

    Thats funny i did the same thing even though the viacom's are all that I care about I thought "maybe the person that knows everything about uplinks isn't right, maybe me that barely knows what an uplink is should have a second look at it"
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    The Dish April 1st New HD Saga (Merged Threads)

    so where do i pick up my 922? lol
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    SlingGuide - Problems

    i have been having the same problem all day, just wondering if anyone has any news?
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    Hooking up Combo VHS/DVD Recorder to Dish network DVR 522

    s-video is definatly your best bet when it comes to quality.
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    TV Entertainment Still Greyed Out.....

    wow mine finally came in.....I'm dissapointed lol
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    TV Entertainment Still Greyed Out.....

    still greyed out for me :( thanks E*
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    625 - TV Entertainment
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    Help!! HDMI connection lost signal...

    only thing i could think of would be try powering everything off, resetting the 622 then powering it all back on with your fingers crossed
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    TV Entertainment Still Greyed Out.....

    Spoke WIth Dish Official response i got was "we are having some problems and you shuold be able to access it before the promotion is over" I have 625 in southwest virginia
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    TV Entertainment Still Greyed Out.....

    must be nice my 625 is still greyed out
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    TV Entertainment Still Greyed Out.....

    does dish have an official response on whats going on?
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    TV Entertainment Still Greyed Out.....

    I can't even press number 3 and make it do anything on my 625, is it working for anyone yet?
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    DISH Network to Feature Sneak Preview of NBC Series Premiere of Friday Night Lights

    my damn number 3 is still greyed out can't even press 3 and get to it :(
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    625 DVR Software L381

    I Received this e-mail from DISH today Special Offer: Order recap shows for 3 of ABC's hottest series for FREE Sept. 21 - Oct. 4 on DISH On Demand! (there were pictures here ) it was like Lost, Greys anatomy,and desperate housewives Order each of these special programs for FREE...
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    625 DVR Software L381

    yea same here went to search and the box crapped the bed seems to be ok now
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    625 DVR Software L381

    Any ideas on what all this new software update covered? I noticed a couple of things 1. Dvr Date is closer to the top on dvr sort list 2. Swap function is now available in dvr sort 3. Info for dvr programs shows when show orignally aired 4. Dvr screen shows how many on-demand events...