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    Fox Sports 1

    According to Fox Sports 1 web site Dish will have the programming on 150.
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    VIP 722k keeps saying signal loss every few minutes but signal is fine... (DIRT?)

    OK, thanks. I think you and tampa8 are correct. I did not record on OTA but i recorded 2 programs on the sat channels then watched another program on the OTA channel. The OTA channel just happened to be one with the lowest signal power. That didn't help either. So far so good. No temp sig loss.
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    VIP 722k keeps saying signal loss every few minutes but signal is fine... (DIRT?)

    ok. I swapped and it was on an OTA. I have it on a sat channel now and swapped back. I have to hook up my OTA antenna. I'll let you know what happens. In the past the temp sig loss may not happen for a day or two then happen several time in an hour. Than you for the advice.
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    VIP 722k keeps saying signal loss every few minutes but signal is fine... (DIRT?)

    Yes. The 722K is in my family room and the 612 is in my basement office. I put the 722k in my basement and the 612 in the family room and the temp signal loss almost immediatly popped up on the 722k. Never has happened on the 612. Both are hooked up to the OTA antenna.
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    VIP 722k keeps saying signal loss every few minutes but signal is fine... (DIRT?)

    I have had the same problem since mid November. I have a 722k and a 612. Only the 722k has the problem. I have switched receivers, cable inputs and only the 722k has the signal loss. The only way I can stop the partial signal loss is to disconnect the OTA cable from OTA module.
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    Any MARS Members here....

    I live in the Comstock Park area in Alpine Twp. Not to far from you. I thought about getting a license again but I have to many other things that require money. I still listen to the ham bands and copy CW. Back when I was in MARS all communications was CW. Years ago I was K8RJV and DL4GI. I...
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    Any MARS Members here....

    I am not a member but glad to hear that MARS is still active. In 1957, while in the army, I worked at the Pentagon MARS station. At that time the call sign was WAR. The army was in half of the office and the Air Force was in the other half. The call sign there was AIR. In 1958-59 I was the...
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    DishNetwork Changes

    You are not seeing things. I just noticed the program changed also. I haven't checked to see if any channels are missing.
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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and safe new year.
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    Echostar 15 at 61.5W - Post your signals!

    61.5 Signals RCVR: 612 AREA: 49321 Weather: Clear Dish: 500 TIME/DATE: 10.40 AM 8-10-10 TP 2-42 TP 4-50 TP 8-54 TP 10-42 TP 14-48 TP 17-42 TP 18-35 TP 19-38 TP 20-41 TP 21-57 TP 22-39 TP 25-50 TP 27-41 TP 28-39 TP 29-54 TP 30-34 TP 31-41 TP 32-41
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    Promotional programming that will expire?

    Promo programming I just got off the phone with the billing dept about the same msg. The person said loyalty credit is for the programming I currently have. If I am happy with what I have my bill will just go up 6 dollars. This is just a chance to change to a lower tier to decrease my bill.
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    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Hi Scott and everyone else. I have been a member for a few months and I guess it is about time to say HI. John