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    I did it, they are coming

    I think you're going to like DirecTV. And, if your television is 50" or larger, you'll likely notice improved PQ. Welcome! Jeff
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    H21 Receiver Problem - Scoreguide related?

    Hi, Just got home from being out of town for a few days, and when I got home, I discovered an odd problem. On two of my H21 receivers, both feeding Panasonic Viera plasma tv's, the channel up and down buttons don't work. Prior to going out of town, I was getting a several second delay, because...
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    When will we see The Travel Channel HD?

    Cowboy, please tell me that you're a DirecTV employee. Nobody could be this consistently and relentlessly fan-boyish without being on the payroll. :eek: Jeff
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    SatelliteGuys First Look: DIRECTV Scoreguide

    Me too, with the issues above, on all 3 of my H21's. I wish we had the ability to decline or turn off this service, at least until the bugs are worked out. As it stands now, it's really annoying. I can see how it will be a nice thing to have once the bugs are corrected though. Jeff
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    FSN Pittsburgh - Pixellation

    Last night was another SD game, so it was kind of hard to tell. The Pirates game tonight in HD looks okay so far (i've only watched a few minutes). Looking forward to the next Pens game in HD, to see if it's fixed. But to answer your question, no it hasn't always been an issue. The channel...
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    FSN Pittsburgh - Pixellation

    Hey Rob, and thanks for the reply. It was okay during much of the actual game, but in low lighting situations it was pitiful. When they were showing the ice prior to the game, before all of the arena lights finished coming on, it was a pixellated mess. Also, the booth shots were often...
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    FSN Pittsburgh - Pixellation

    Hi, Just wanted to see if anyone besides me had trouble with FSN Pittsburgh tonight (ch. 659). I watched the Penguins game in HD, and it was awfully pixellated. Anyone else? Jeff
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    Sports pack Poll!

    I get it for FSN Pittsburgh (Penguins and Pirates games, as well as local Pittsburgh sports talk shows). That's really all I use my Sportspack for. Jeff
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    Pole mount - custom installation????

    The answer to the OP is .... "it depends". It really does. It would be nice if questions like this could easily be answered yes or no .... but they can't. When I signed on, I was hell-bent on getting a pole mount installation. In fact, it was a deal-breaker for me, and I said that to the...
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    What happened to being the HD leader?

    Where I live, it's gonna be more than a year or two. Our local Comcast plant is an old, run-down, overclocked 550mhz system that Comcast bought from Adelphia. Before switching to DirecTV last year, I asked how long it would take to modernize the system ..... and they basically told me...
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    Signed up for Dtv yesterday, canceled today :(

    "Bottom line is, the two CRS lied to me on my very first experience with Dtv" Mine did too (about trial periods, which don't really exist). For many CSR's, making a sale is job 1. Honesty/integrity is a distant second. I doubt that DirecTV has the market cornered on this type of CSR...
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    What happened to being the HD leader?

    There was a time where DirecTV was clearly the "Undisputed Leader" in HD. Those days are gone. Many companies (Dish, FIOS, some cable, etc.) are catching up. For Sports and HD, DirecTV is still the best choice, but it takes the ultimate of fanboys to say that DirecTV is still the "Undisputed...
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    DirecTV Gurantee - CS Lied to Me!

    CSR's are mostly interested in making sales. My guess is that you're locked in, even though you were mis-led by your CSR. And while "legally", it's all about the paper you signed ..... I think it's a shame that there doesn't seem to be any legal recourse or remedy for intentionally deceitful...
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    DirecTV 3rd Quarter Earnings Call

    Actually, if we were to get JackSquat HD, that would constitute a pretty good month of new channel roll-outs around here. DirecTV seems to be doing fine with Locals, but on the National HD front, they are floundering, and certainly not living up to the National HD hype that was in their March...
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    SSDD Jeff
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    DirecTV 3rd Quarter Earnings Call Nov 6

    I think it might be helpful to have a separate thread dealing with the start time of today's call. :eureka Jeff
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    Weather Channel Local Content Feedback

    I'm a big weather buff, and I'm not using it at all. The static radar image is pretty useless. Using the red button takes too long. It's in sloppy looking SD, etc. I just go online for weather information. If it were improved, I'd look again. But as it stands now, it might as well be...
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    HD Nationals

    I think there are multiple threads on this topic because the topic is near and dear to a whole lot of subscribers. That, combined with the fact the DirecTV doesn't seem to placing the emphasis on National HD that their March press release touted, make it a popular subject for discussion...
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    One RSN switched to 24/7 HD on 10/29

    It certainly has been a whirlwind day, with the rollout of this new full time RSN. It brings back memories of that massive roll-out a few months back where we got Planet Green and ABC Family both on the very same day! D11 and National HD ..... practically the 8th wonder of the world...
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    Direct TV install on house is not an option!

    I got a pole mount in my yard for no charge, even though the dish "could" have been mounted on the roof. Truth is, I didn't want it on the roof, mostly for snow removal concerns, so I asked for a pole mount in the yard. I tipped the guy really well, but there was no additional installation...
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    So, we may see a new national HD channel soon?

    Travel would be nice. So would AMC. And FoxNews. And PBS. And Chiller. and ESPNU. And WGN. Jeff
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    Does D* has any credibility left?

    I'm with you on that. For sure! Jeff
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    Does D* has any credibility left?

    Yeah, I know. But it would have been nice to know that all of those other initiatives were going to be handled first upon the lighting up of D11. In the meantime, playing fanboys vs critics helps to pass the time. Sort of like a modern-world version of cowboys and indians. :wave TGIF !
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    Does D* has any credibility left?

    With all due respect to the apologists, DirecTV has disappointed, especially as it pertains to their own press release announcing the successful launch of D11. The headline for that press release reads: DIRECTV Satellite Launch Sets the Stage for Delivery of Up to 150 National HD Channels...