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Nov 20, 2006

Just got home from being out of town for a few days, and when I got home, I discovered an odd problem. On two of my H21 receivers, both feeding Panasonic Viera plasma tv's, the channel up and down buttons don't work. Prior to going out of town, I was getting a several second delay, because of the Scoreguide ... but now, the channel up and down button simply won't change the channel. The only way to change channels is to enter the 4-digit number on the keypad. All other remote functions work okay (volume, guide, etc) with the exception of the already-present scoreguide delayed response.

Also, I notice that the scoreguide thing that comes on the screen is now in the bottom left corner .... it was bottom right a few days ago, and this is why I'm wondering whether it's yet another Scoreguide bug. I did the customary receiver re-set, and even re-set my remotes with the proper codes, but no luck.

My third H21, feeding a Samsung LCD is still working fine, and still has the scoreguide in the lower right hand corner. I'm afraid to update this one, for fear I'll end up with the same problem as the other two tv's.



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Oct 23, 2004
I have a H21-200. The channel up/down buttons work fine. I have not reset the receiver lately.
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