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    can I cancel, switch to wifes name to get promo?

    I have to assume that sometimes people split up, and the person who moves out was also the person whose name is on the DirecTV account. If the dish and equipment remains behind, and the person who remains in the home wants DirecTV service, what do they do, other than to call up and sign up as a...
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    DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center

    Ah, OK... so to watch the same exact thing that's on TV in the den, I wouldn't rely on the Whole Home sharing functionality at all.
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    DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center

    Apologies if this is not the correct thread for this question... I'll be getting an HR34 in the near future. I'll also get the whole home networking hooked up. If I wanted to, could I play something and have it display on 2 TVs at the same time? I'm thinking of putting a small TV in the...
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    CINEMA Connection Kit

    Wow... THAT is the worst experience with technical support you've ever had??
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    DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center

    Stupid question alert... When is this cinema connection kit needed? If/when I add an HR34 to our account, we would have 3 HR2x DVRs (all HR21 and higher), along with the HR34. Would we also need this cinema connection kit? We currently get the OnDemand stuff just fine..
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    Is the Hopper the new...

    That's what she said.
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    CE's for the First Weekend of Febuary 2012

    So I see in the release notes that they are sticking with the stupid change that prevents you from pausing whatever you're currently watching if you're in the guide... Who the heck would logically expect the pause button to start playing whatever show you happen to have highlighted? Other than...
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    WVUE Dish dispute

    But that is exactly what they do with their signal 24/7, isn't it? If the satellite companies start inserting their own ads or something, then that's something else. Maybe the law should be written such that the satellite companies would need to split any revenue from local channels with the...
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    WVUE Dish dispute

    It still makes little sense to me that a local station that broadcasts its signal freely is allowed to charge for cable or satellite companies to re-transmit it back to the same market. It's not like Dish is taking the New Orleans FOX signal and sending it to Alaska viewers - it's...
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    New HD GUI

    I didn't know they made it smaller, to be honest. I find it just as easy to read as the older version, even when I'm 30+ feet away (I do have a 73" screen, however.)
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    New HD GUI

    Wow, I feel the exact opposite - they could shrink the font sizes down in order to fit more information per screen and I'd love it. Of course, ideally there would be a toggle for this in the Settings screen, so that those with smaller TVs, or who sit further away, or those with worse eyesight...
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    Sunbeam Television Shuts Out DIRECTV NFL Fans in Miami in Attempt to Extract 300 Percent Pay Increas

    I don't see why local affiliates should even be allowed to charge cable and satellite companies to retransmit their signals, as long as the signal is rebroadcast to the same market.
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    New message on Standard Definition outputs

    Here is a converter: For only $37.80 each when QTY 50+ purchased - Component (YpbPr) to Composite Converter | Analog Video Converters
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    Samsung DirecTV RVU coming to all 2012 "Smart TVs"

    Well, on one level it's ridiculous, but DirecTV didn't HAVE to support RVU at all... so in this case, you aren't any worse off financially than you would had DirecTV stuck with the requirement to have a receiver for each TV. Financially, it wouldn't make much sense for DirecTV to NOT charge for...
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    Any word of upcoming RVU-enabled devices besides Samsung TVs?

    Right, I understand what is RVU compliant now and in the very near future with the Samsung TVs. I'm wanting to know if anyone knows of any other devices that have been rumored or announced, such as streaming devices like the roku, or Blu-ray players, etc. I figure a lot of people are happy with...
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    Any word of upcoming RVU-enabled devices besides Samsung TVs?

    I'm wondering if anyone has read/heard about blu-ray players, roku-style streaming devices, etc. that will be RVU compliant, and could act as a client for an HR34...
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    What's keeping A-la-Carte from becoming a reality?

    Yes, but each family's specific "no more than 10 of the cable channels" can be wildly different.
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    New HD GUI

    Yep, I guess they weighed the impact ad decided the benefits outweighed the negatives. Sure sucks for those affected, though! Maybe DirecTV owns :)
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    What's keeping A-la-Carte from becoming a reality?

    Or, it'll be $20/month for one channel, or all 10 for $25.
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    New HD GUI

    You can use the component outputs in lieu of the composite video output. If your device doesn't support component video, then a converter can out composite video. Here is a converter that others here have said works...
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    New HD GUI
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    DirecTV HD GUI Poll - Do You Like The New DirecTV HD GUI?

    You should use punctuation, because it makes it easier for others to understand what you are trying to say.
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    DVD Recording issues with New HD Guide

    My two cents... Buy that $43 converter from monoprice and see if it works.
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    DVD Recording issues with New HD Guide

    You need a component-to-composite device. has a model for about $40, if I recall correctly... EDIT Here you go:
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    Whole home networking

    Hey, just thought of another question... I have an upstairs room with a coax line but no Ethernet. If I hook up the HR34 downstairs and plug it in to my Ethernet network, and I hook up an HR22 upstairs with a DECA adapter, can I connect that adapter to a small 5-port switch, and then plug the...