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    Trying to get "different" locals for a vacation home

    I am buying a vacation home with my brothers, approximately 50-60 miles away from my permanent residence. Unfortunately, the vacation home address gets different local channels than my home address. I'd like to have my vacation home get the same locals as I get at my permanent residence, Is...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket and Xbox

    I've gotten an answer in another forum that indicates it is the log in location (i.e. IP Address) that matters. The person says they are in the same situation (DirecTV and Sunday Ticket with an Xbox at an alternate location and "local" teams are different) and things work out fine for him...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket and Xbox

    I have DirecTV, and subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket, even though my Team, the Packers, are always the local game for me here in Wisconsin. I really like football, and I like to be able to choose which "secondary game" I watch, as well as the multiple games on 1 screen. My question, though, deals...
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    Intriguing big new feature?

    I find it extremely annoying when I tune to a channel with this "feature" and get the banner that pops up. Is there any way to turn this off? Tony
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    VOD/Problem/My Ignorance

    Everyone...thanks for the tips. My Internet connection is working just fine. I've been able to download some TV shows and even a "free" movie and watch them without a hitch. Wildbill129...I would try and re-download the movies that I am having a problem with, but there is no option to do so...
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    VOD/Problem/My Ignorance, I finally had an HD DVR installed about a month ago, and I've already decided I don't know how I ever got along without it. Yesterday, I finally decided to try out VOD. I downloaded a TV show and it worked just fine. Then I thought, "what the heck...let's try an HD movie." I know...
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    SatelliteGuys First Look: DIRECTV Scoreguide

    New "Feature" Well, this may be a new "Feature" but count me among those that are not happy with it. I have an H20-100. 1. Channel Guide/Changing Channels performance on any channel with this feature is extremely slow. Literally a delay of 5-7 seconds from button press until the receiver...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket..Single Game/Week purchase?

    Is it possible to order DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket for just one week or would I need to purchase the "entire" package to watch just the final game of the season? Thanks, Tony
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    New Install Problems (or non-install as it turned out)

    Thanks for the replies. I've already told my brother to call DirecTV back and demand a different installer come out and try the install, and this time at least make the attempt. I understand about line of sight and what not, and it wouldn't surprise me if he needed to have a dish away from the...
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    New Install Problems (or non-install as it turned out)

    I've had DirecTV on and off for years. Currently have had for about 8 months ( DVR :( ), and love it--would never go back to DishNetwork, even if you paid me. However, my brother has never had DirecTV and called to have it installed and the install was supposed to happen today. My...
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    HD-DVR Upgrade Question

    Jimbo, Thanks for the information! I kind of figured that I wouldn't be able to swing something for free, but, hey, never hurts to try ;). Tony
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    HD-DVR Upgrade Question

    I'm a relatively new subscriber to DirecTV, having just come on board in August of 2007. At that time, I got an H20-100 HD Receiver, but didn't think I'd want a DVR receiver. Well, now I've seen the error of my ways, and would like to upgrade my HD Receiver to an HD-DVR Receiver. Here are my...
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    DirecTV 10 Signal Reading Thread(Transponders are Hot!)

    Straight 0's across the board for 103(a) and 103(b) in West-Central Wisconsin (Eau Claire). Have been trying for about 45 minutes (5:00-5:45 PM CDT) I am new to DirecTV and HD, so maybe I'm doing something wrong? I have an H20 receiver, not sure about the second number (100, 200, 700...