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  1. srcronk

    DISH Announces New TV Bundle

    I just called and had no trouble getting the deal, but I already have a Hopper.
  2. srcronk

    How To Delete A Favorites List?

    This has happened to me several times. After a while, I found that adding too many channels to a Favorites list would trigger the behavior you describe. I don't remember exactly, but it seems like getting the list down to only about 120 or 125 channels would fix the problem.
  3. srcronk

    MGM No Longer Available

    I just got an email stating that Epix is rebranding as MGM+. Epix subscribers will automatically be enrolled in the rebranded service.
  4. srcronk

    Install question....tipping?

    That's the amount I give, and pretty much the same wording I use. They always tell me I "don't have to do that", but I gently insist.
  5. srcronk

    Mission Broadcasting dispute incoming Fri. 6pm

    Looks like NE Louisiana will lose KTVE, our local NBC station. Not happy.
  6. srcronk

    Disney plus coming to the hopper?

    My wife and I were big on the apps because it made switching to other services and then back to Dish so easy. We were very happy with the addition of the Netflix and Amazon Prime apps, because with our old TV we would have to hit the TV button on the Dish remote, then hit the Input button to...
  7. srcronk

    Getting a better deal

    I just called the number the CSR from the Chat Room gave me yesterday. You got a better deal than I, but I did get a $24 monthly reduction for signing another 2-year contract. I talked through the value of the Dish Silver protection plan with the CSR (she brought it up), and decided to drop that...
  8. srcronk

    Getting a better deal

    I just tried this link, and it takes me to the same chat room that I just exited. My CSR was also unable to help, and gave me a phone number to call.
  9. srcronk

    cinemax/hbo deal 5 for both. hmm and epix in dish movie pack no half off 10 dollars though. read

    Hmm. I just signed up for HBO/Cinemax for $5, and Showtime for $5, but they only extended the offer for THREE months instead of six. Still, a good deal that I wouldn't have thought to ask for without posts like this from this great community!
  10. srcronk

    Dish Anywhere DVR viewing on Computer

    I had the same problem as you with Dish reporting that my recordings were "not available". A soft reboot didn't help, so I tried a hard reset this morning. That seemed to fix the problem, but now I don't know whether they would have shown up on their own, anyway. Still, just glad to have them...
  11. srcronk

    Dish says I can't get the H3

    About 4 months ago, I was given the same information from Dish support telling me I couldn't upgrade to the H3. I did go to the upgrade threat in the Hopper zone to request information on an upgrade. It took a day or two, but someone from the DIRT team followed up and I had the new Hopper within...
  12. srcronk


    I would like to swap out a Hopper with Sling for a Hopper 3. Just chatted with Dish's Tech support, and to my surprise they said that "Hopper 3 is not compatible with your satellites in your area"; however, they couldn't provide any details. Curious to see what the problem is, if there is one...
  13. srcronk

    URGENT - Hopper 3 upgrade

    Yes, I looked it up after I had posted. I'll try going through DIRT to see if they can either get me set up or at least explain better what the problem is.
  14. srcronk

    URGENT - Hopper 3 upgrade

    Ah, this must be my problem as well. Just finished chatting with Tech support and was told that "Hopper 3 is not compatible" with the satellites in my area (north Louisiana). However, he couldn't give me any details. Makes more sense that the new setup (for some reason) won't see the satellite...
  15. srcronk

    Daily HWS reset necessary

    Similar thing happened to us recently. You are about to have to replace your unit; I'm guessing that sooner rather than later it won't complete the boot up process.
  16. srcronk

    Bought a 4k now what?

    I recently added a 2nd Hopper. Though I do wish there was better integration between the units, I use the 2nd Hopper for recording back-to-back TV shows, such as The Big Bang Theory on TBS. With a single Hopper, this one show would tie up 2 tuners for 4 minutes every half hour (from one minute...
  17. srcronk

    Hopper Upgrades

    I currently have a HWS. I would like to add another HWS to my account. Ideally, I would like to tie the two units together so all recorded programming is visible from either unit. I do not have any Joey/Super Joey units. What do I need to do to arrange for an installation? Do I need to add a...
  18. srcronk

    Free Previews

    LMN = Lifetime Movie Network
  19. srcronk

    Help: New Hopper coming tomorrow - time to backup/move recordings

    You'll want to jump on that. I had a similar situation last year, and I ended up losing recordings because I ran out of time in making the transfers.
  20. srcronk

    OTA EPG Info Incorrect or Displaying 'Digital Service'

    I'm unhappy about this, as well.
  21. srcronk

    Little OTA info help...

    I'm glad you posted this topic. I just noticed the problem this past week, and wondered if the new CW sub-channel would ever be in HD again. (Also still wonder if the flickering will ever improve.) I think it's time to restart my subscription to Hulu Plus. (Sigh.)
  22. srcronk

    OTA stop recording shows

    Ah, THAT'S what a manual timer is! Following your directions, I've just tried setting recordings for several programs, and they now show up on the daily DVR schedule. As my automatic timers stopped appearing on this schedule, I'm optimistic your advice will work. Many thanks!
  23. srcronk

    OTA stop recording shows

    I still cannot get any show to record on a sub channel, even if I hit record while the show is playing. Glad to know it isn't just me, though.
  24. srcronk

    All DVR recordings gone; PTAT turned off; all timers deleted

    I couldn't find a number for Tech support, so I used the chat feature. After about 20 minutes of back-and-forth, she says that she submitted a report to the Engineering Department for further research. If anyone from Dish gets back to me, I'll let everyone know. I'm glad to know that...
  25. srcronk

    All DVR recordings gone; PTAT turned off; all timers deleted

    Interesting idea. Did the problem occur more than once for you? How long has it been since the last time it cropped up? It's a relief to think there is a possible solution. Thanks!