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  1. splino

    Is Palladia, MLBN HD& NBATV HD available for Puerto Rico Subscribers?

    I also have experienced these problem, error 013 and / or error 014 has nothing to do with blackout restrictions. Both messages pertain to "supposedly" you not being subscribed to the before mention channels. If you have AT 200, those channels are part of your package. These seems to be some...
  2. splino

    QUESTION - What Bugs or Usability Issues do you have with your Hopper?

    There seems to be trouble with the channel mapping on Puerto Rico. Even do I have AT 200, NBATV HD and MLB HD dissapear from the My Channels guide whenever a game starts. If I try to access either channel I get a 013 or 014 message (These is a subscription channel...).
  3. splino

    QUESTION - What Bugs or Usability Issues do you have with your Hopper?

    No DLNA... No Broadband on Joeys... MLB HD dissapears from my channels guide when a game is on, an error 014 (You are attempting to access a channel you don't subscribe to...) when I try to access the channel, even do I have AT 200. Can access game on SD channel. Same thing happen to me the...
  4. splino

    Questions about The Hopper?

    How do I go about capturing one of them Hoppers?
  5. splino

    Questions about The Hopper?

    It's the upgrade available for Puerto Rico?
  6. splino

    Hopper Announcements

    Upgrade offer includes Puerto Rico?
  7. splino

    DISH Network Retailer Chat Recap - "Hopper Special" - 2/16/2012

    Upgrade offer includes Puerto Rico?
  8. splino

    What's with CH 9852-BOWL?

    Maybe they'll show it in HD in one of those HD sports alternate channels... They are playing the same music that its on channel 9851...
  9. splino

    What's with CH 9852-BOWL?

    If the Dish Hopper was out, I could hop to another location where 72.7 or 129 is available, an that way I could watch the Super Bowl in HD.
  10. splino

    What's with CH 9852-BOWL?

    Thank You Bobby. I can't see either of those satellites from my location...
  11. splino

    What's with CH 9852-BOWL?

    I only see 9851 no 9852 on our receivers. 9851 does not say HD...
  12. splino

    What's with CH 9852-BOWL?

    I hope they do show the Super Bowl on these channel... The local NBC channel in PR is SD only an the signal is SUPER bad...
  13. splino

    Prime Tme Anytime

    The Networks in Puerto Rico just look awful, and none of them are in HD. If I buy a Hopper, I hope my PRIME TIME ANYTIME can really Hop and come from Chicago, New York or somewhere else...
  14. splino

    Puerto Rico DACO new anti-discriminatory law

    I also reside in Puerto Rico, and I have to agree with both Greiner and sethwell. I have been a Dish subscriber for over 10 years now, when you needed a six foot dish to get a trickle of a signal, when now you can get both 110 and 119 with one small dish. Dish Network is the best tv provider in...
  15. splino

    Team Summit

    I hope they finally offer Distant HD Networks...
  16. splino

    No more HD Distant Networks?

    Hey Mike, if you still have them by kickoff today (5:30 est), let me know so I can go to your house to watch the game. I'll bring the Dorito's...
  17. splino

    No more HD Distant Networks?

    I hope it's really soon. NFL Divisional games, Championship games and the Super Bowl are all lined up (like Dish ducks) these following weekends. Wouldn't wanna watch them in SD.
  18. splino

    Puerto Rico's Senate Law 2777 to intervine with Dish Network Discriminatory Practices

    I gotta agree with you Scott. Not only has Dish Network made major improvements in the past 2 years, it has really been the reason that all other TV providers on the island have had to better their offers to compete (program and price wise). It's beyond me. Why will you go after the company...
  19. splino

    Soon 4 New HD's in Puerto Rico Lineup

    Do you get NFL Network HD?
  20. splino

    2010 NFL Predictions

    I don't know how many games the Titans will win this season. But I'll be very happy if they win just one game on February of next year.
  21. splino

    AAD Distant Nets

    The new company name is Sobongo.
  22. splino

    All American Direct freezing.

    To clarify. Is it all the Distant Networks from AAD, or just ABC Chicago? I only subscribe to ABC Chicago, an yes, I'm having the freezing problem.
  23. splino

    Dish and 3D - missing in action?

    I saw Bonanza on a 3D set the other night. "The Ponderosa looked fake. Hardly recognized Little Joe.". ;)
  24. splino

    So are we going to see a huge surge in uplink activity on Jun 3rd?

    So, these means we will see Dish offering HD Distant Networks soon?