110/119 Listings Post 129 Transition (Updated 6/1/2024)

To start the new year, I went through and checked all my channels, as well as updated all the data on posts 2-4 of this thread so we have an accurate representation on what is on Western Arc. The one thing I did is proactively removed all the holiday themed channels from the count (Yule logs, Dish Search, previous Dish Scapes). There were only a couple of national channels that switched transponders. Overall the Western Arc configuration has been very stable since the conversion was completed in July.

Update: the 1/3/2024 afternoon uplink removed all the remaining holiday channels
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For this afternoon's uplink, I see that Dish has re-linked the satellite EPG back to the OTA EPG channels here in Chicago. Previously Dish unlinked the NBC, Telemundo, and WGN EPG.
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I did my data check for changes at the end of January. The only changes were the dropping of China Global Television Network (both English and Spanish versions on 1/31/2024), and I also removed Pursuit, as we know that will be removed from satellite next week. For the channels I can check, I did not come across any channels that switched transponders or satellites.

In all, there is one less SD channel on 110, TP 03 (279 - English version of China Global Television Network); 110, TP 05 (884 - Spanish version of China Global Television Network), and 110, TP 10 (393 - Pursuit).
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Just did my data check for the end of February. The posts on the front end of this thread have been updated. Only a couple of changes during the month:

253SDCozi110, TP 24110, TP 03
950MusicCD1119, TP 16119, TP 19
956MusicCD7119, TP 16119, TP 19
958MusicCD9119, TP 16119, TP 19
966MusicCD17119, TP 16119, TP 19
974MusicCD25119, TP 16119, TP 19

We know next week BBC World News (281) will be moved to streaming, and 110 TP 21 will free up one SD spot.
Sorry for the delay in checking this - I try to do it close to the 1st weekend of each month, but this month I am a little behind. Nothing new in terms of changes outside of Merit Street Media being added to 119, TP 20, which now maxes that transponder out at 16 HD channels; and BBC World News was removed and made streaming only.
This past week Dish removed channels 144 and 145 - they were the ESPN alternate channels. I don't recall the last time they were used. In the past they were used for the reverse mirrors of games on ABC/ESPN2 as well as the women's NCAA basketball tournament. But the past couple of years those games have all been on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ABC.
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I did the monthly channel scan, and everything is status quo in terms of what channels are on what transponders. But the removal of the ESPN alternates last week got me thinking... 144, 145, 146, 147, and 148 are all free (although I do know 148 is sometimes used for a mirror of TrvTV during the mens basketball tournament)

We know that PAC12 Network is done with live sporting events, and is shutting down on June 30, so 409 (both SD and HD versions) are going to be removed as well as the alternates of 592, 593, 594, 595. (Channel 406 for non VIP receivers). Longhorn Network is also done with live events, although no firm date has been release, is rumored to be shutting down on July 1 when Texas moves to the SEC and the Longhorn Network content gets added to SEC Network. That means 407 is going to be free.

Part of me wonders if Dish is going to move ACC Network and SEC Network from the 402/404 area down to 144/145 so all the ESPN channels are right next to each other, and then move Big 10 Network to 148 next to FS1 and FS2. There is so much cross promotion between ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU/ACCN/SEC channels during college football season as well as FOX/FS1/FS2/Big10, it wouldn't surprise me if they are moved to a similar area by the time college football rolls around. Back when Big10 Network was first put up in the 400's, it was treated as an RSN with all the other RSN's, and only available in the areas with a Big10 school. But now that it is a national channel, along with ACC Network and SEC Network, it would make sense for them to be with the other sports channels.
And I think it was today - when I go to Dish's channel listing for it, it still shows it is only available in SD. Usually 24 hours after a channel changes to HD, the individual webpages for each channel automatically update, whereas the PDF channel listings take a month. MyDISH
This morning I did my monthly check and updated the 3 posts at the beginning of the thread to be accurate as of 6/1/2024. Incredible how stable the channel locations have been since the 129 satellite went out of commission.

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