119 & 110 ?


Jan 5, 2006
I tried to setup this today and cannot get 110. 119 comes in at 100 to 105 for signal strength. I have the left side lnb hooked up during signal search. This is with me facing the dish with the lnbs between me and the dish to explain what I consider the left side. When I hook up the right lnb to the sw21, I presumed 110 reception should drop into place. No signal at all. Just 119. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

It is 2 lnbs side by side in a bracket that goes on the arm of the dish.


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Supporting Founder
Dec 13, 2004
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Did you run a check switch? Run a check switch and 110 will show up. That's assuming you have the right elevation, azimuth and skew angle correct.

Wait, I just re-read the post and you are getting 119 on the 110 lnb. 119 is the right lnb and 110 is the left lnb if you look at the dish from the front. Connect the "right" side and aim the dish until you find 119 then run a check switch.
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