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Oct 5, 2004
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hey guys, i was wondering if there was a place or someone in the carribean that knew which satellite has the better signal?
I have my satbuddy ready but was wondering if there was a strong transponder that I can use?
I’m using a 1.8 meter dish.


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Dec 28, 2013
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129 is down around a 13 degree elevation on Barbados making it a tough target. On the other hand, 72.7 is at about 70 degrees and should be an easy shot I would think. What I don't know, is what 72.7's footprint looks like. Having a great line of sight is no help if there's no signal in that direction.

On edit: After some digging, it appears that 72.7's footprint does not cover the Carribean very well at all, but 129's does if you can deal with the low look angle. As said, 61.5 or 119 would be better choices.
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