1k4 with a 1k2 ??


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Feb 5, 2010
Thought I had read I could use a 1k4 dish with port 2 of a 1k2 hooked to the input port of the 1k4 to get the 61.5/72/77/110 sats, but when I run my check switch it fails to show the 110 on one Rx it shows a 1k2 for port 4 but only says conn, on the other two rx's it just shows port 4 as nc. can this be done as is or will a dpp44 be needed, or just get a d500 with a dp single pointed at 110?


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Jan 4, 2007
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it shows a 1k2 for port 4 but only says conn, on the other two rx's it just shows port 4 as nc.
Well that sucks!

Couple of thoughts. Are all other ports on the 1k2 disconnected? It's possible if it's powered up and talking to another receiver, it won't go into the passthrough mode you need for 110.

A cheaper alternative to another D500 is the 3-aperture yoke for a 1k2 and a DP dual in the appropriate position.

Edited to add my own marginally-related question. I have a 1k4, and I kept my D500 with DP twin for my SD receivers currently not activated. If I connect up one side of a DP twin to my 1k4, thereby getting my locals in SD as well as HD, can I still use the other output of the DP twin to feed both 110 and 119 to an SD receiver?
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The problem is, is that your feeding an lnb with a built in switch into another lnb with a built in switch. They don't like doing that, messing with switch tables.

Your best best is to send the lines you want into a DPP-44, a DPP-44 or DP-34 will disable the lnb built-in switches, allowing those 2 lnbs to work together.

Probably easiest/cheapest to just find a Dish 300 or 500 with a single lnb.

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