2 receivers on 1 tv


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Nov 4, 2003
I have a superdish and am now thinking of hooking my old 501 up alongside my 510. Would there be any problems with this setup?
I thought about doing this with an 811. The peeve of the extra $5/month keeps me from it.

Be aware, you can't just split the cable. You'll need to run another coax from you're multi-sat switch (assuming you have an extra port available).

You also need an extra port at the TV (or receiver) for the extra video source.

Last thing - don't forget to change to remote code on one of the boxes.
I feed the output of one of my recievers into the house tv antenna feed. That way all the TVs can see it. On TVs with a reciever, I can change channels over to the other one or do PiP if I need to.
I have both of my E* receivers in my entertainment cabinet, both are hooked up to my main tv through A/V cables, 1 directly to tv, 1 to vcr hooked by A/V to tv and then I run my old 2000 receiver w/uhf remote through rf on channel 4 through a signal combiner which allows direct access to all 3 of my tv's in my home by simply tuning to channel 4. I send rf of my 2800 on channel 4 rf directly to my bedroom tv and through vcr rf to daughters bedroom on channel 4 also, have to use tv/satellite button on remote to select this receiver through pyramids on channel 4. This setup works very nicely for my family and provides much flexibility allowing selection of either satellite receiver to all 3 of my tv's and vcr..
I have a receiver that I leave on to a local channel 3 so when the receiver for that room is turned off channel 3 comes on. It is fed to the antenna in on all the other receivers.

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