The Truth behind Bingo TV

Another crappy channel stealing bandwidth from the packages we pay for just to cram advertising down our throats... (Ashley or no Ashley.) ;)
Not only is it for one day but it is only for 2 hours. Would you really call this a channel addition? I wouldn't.
I like the clip that says "Experienced PVR users skip 71% of the commercials..."

I don't know about anyone else, but I would estimate I skip in the high 90s
When will Charlie and Co. learn that the channels we want aren't what Bingo TV is??
I don't understand if they really wanted to put something like this, for two hours a week, why they don't use channel 101...I guess it is very important to have that "remote learning" thing running every hour all day....
I heard a statistic a while back where only 20 % or some low number as such would skip the commercials that had a DVR/PVR.
I skip all commercials except promos for new shows I am interested in and movies at the show. Unless I am watching live news shows, I skip just about everything- commercial wise.
I like this as well:

Most importantly, BingoTV will launch in Dish Network's basic tier meaning the channel will be available to Dish’s entire subscriber base. This is in sharp contrast to most new channel launches which occur only on high end programming packages.
I can't find the notice that it is only two hours a day one day a week.
Sometimes I forget to skip commercials too particularly if I am on the internet in the middle of something. I usually watch tv and am on the internet at the same time and find that a lot if not most of the people watch tv and browse the internet at the same time. It keeps you occupied pretty well.

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