2 (Two) XBox 360 Premium Systems For Sale!


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Sep 7, 2003
Cape Coral, Florida
I have 2 premium systems available for sale. These include the hard drive, wireless controller, HD cables and media remote, as well as reciepts from EB Games for warranty purposes. They are in my posession, and will ship to you in time for Christmas.
If you don't get one today or tomorrow, you'll be out of luck till next year. I must have crapped out horeshoes, these are my two preorders that came in, and today I walk into Sams club, and they had one left. I couldn't help but pick that up since it had an extra controller and plug and play kit, and will give that one to my son.
I will sell these for $650 plus $25 OVERNIGHT shipping!
This is less than what you'll see them for on EBay, from a person you can trust. (my ebay username is Angiodan as well, I have a perfect 100% on over 150 feedback) I thought I would offer them up here first, and save a few bucks on EBay fees.
VERIFIED PAYPAL USERS ONLY, and this will only be shipped to a verified address.​
PM me if you are interested. I will be in and out all day today, but will get back to you.

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