2004 State Of The Union Address Tonight in HD!

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Sep 8, 2003
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ABC-HD: 2004 State Of The Union Address Tonight in HD!

NBC-HD, ABC-HD 9:00pm Et/8:00 C

ABC-HD & CBS-HD will broadcast the Democratic Response in HD.
Sean Mota said:
NBC-HD, ABC-HD 9:00pm Et/8:00 C

ABC-HD & CBS-HD will broadcast the Democratic Response in HD.

Usually, when someone mentions a program in HD, I'm disappointed that I don't have my HDTV yet, but this is one time it really doesn't bother me. The best part? I'll still be here at work when the SD version comes on too! :D

Only one camera was SD. The hall actually looked smaller than normal, probably because the wider frame allowed you to see it all.

A certain bloated Senator on the East coast needs to avoid drinking if he is going to be seen in High Def! Holy Smokes!! :)

was the camera behind the president SD. Whenever this was shown it looked like SD. Senator Kennedy looked horrible in HD. Someone else mentioned he looked like a Monster! :) The woman that made the Democratic response (don't remember her name) was awful looking in HD. In conclusion, a lot of these people will have to adjust to HD since their true colors are becoming more apparent in HD. I thought the whole concept of this program was historical (from the HD perspective). Hopefully, we'll get more of the same in the future. Regarding which network looked best, I think there are lots of different opinions on this. Starting with your native resolution HDTV. Some reported (at AVS) that ABC looked better while other said that CBS looked better and others NBC. To me, ABC looked fine but I was getting the flickering shadow from the past two days. NBC looked kind of black and CBS looked very sharp on my set (Sony GW). I did not watch it on my Sammy DLP but I am sure the ABC 720 would have looked better there. Also, there were some that were complaining about the CBS bug being cutoff from the screen (right side) I did not experience the same but I did see that on the left side the blue bar was not complete to the edge of the screen for about one inch.

In conclusion, I think it was a historical HD event. I did hear what President Bush said and even though I do feel the same feelings as other here had expressed (one way or another), he still the president and have to support him. Now when election comes my opinion will change, and hopefully we won't see another Florida fiasco and feel cheated... :)
rudolpht said:
Ted Kennedy is giving the Democratic response????

From Massachusetts,
Is it going to be in HD? I do not know if I want to see him again in HD... I rather watch in SD... :haha

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