24 dual tunner install with DPP


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Feb 15, 2005

Is it possible to hook up 24 dual tuners using DPP 44 switches and one dish? If so can some one tell me how and what would be needed? I keep reading that every DPP44 needs a power inserter does that mean I need 6 inserter's? Please help.



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Feb 29, 2004
Florissant, CO

Most reliable way would be to use a pair of DP Dual LNBFs on a Dish 500, plus another Dual LNBF on a D300 if needed. If you HAD to use a Single (like a FSS LNBF), then a DP Splitter turns it into a Dual.

Nw, you've got 2 identical sets of feeds. Make two trains of 3 DPP44's each and you're done. This gives you 24 output ports, each of which can take a DPPlus Separator to drive a x2x (322, 522, 721, 921) box.

NOTE: The above Single-to-Dual along with Dual-to-more-Dual :) are the ONLY uses for a DP Splitter. That is, a DP Splitter can ONLY be used on a single-satellite LNBF.

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