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Oct 5, 2003
In the last couple of weeks I have installed in my home a 921, two 522's, a second SW64 switch and extra runs of RG6 to the attic to accomodate them. I had few if any problems installing these receivers and they all have been working flawlessly.

Now, I am trying to install 1 last receiver, a 322. Since this receiver is not a DVR and therefore, not as complicated as the 522 & 921, I expected this to be up and running in 15 minutes tops.

Nothing could be further from the truth ! I have been trying for DAYS to get this damn thing to work. They sent me another unit, still problems. I can't get past the " Check Switch" procedure. Every time I do this, it comes up with something different; No reception, no switch detected, SW64 on TV1 nothing on TV2 etc.

What is the step-by-step procedure for this unit as far as checking the switch, reboots etc ????
That sounds like what happend with my 311..ended up being a bad reciever... I know that doesn't neccesarily help, but it had the same thing happen exactly.
You have to make sure both the TV1 & TV2 tuners are on before connecting them to the satellite leads. In your case, I would suggest going "around" the SW64 switch initially, using barrel connectors if necessary to connect both tuners directly to your 119 LNB in order to take the initial SW download. The you should be able to reconnect them to the SW64 and run another switch check successfully.

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