5 receivers on a dish 1000?


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Apr 15, 2006
Houston, Texas
I'm supposed to get my dish 500 replaced with a dish 1000 for free this weekend..I currently had 5 receivers (one of which is a dual) powering 6 televisions...I rigged it up myself using a dp34 switch off of a quad lnb. Two lines from the lnb go to the dual reciver and the other two lines go into the dp34 giving me 4 more receivers. Does anyone know if they are going to have a problem getting all of my receivers hooked up with the dish 1000? Will they need to replace my dp34 with two dpp44's ?....Can they take the quad off of my dish 500 and put it on the dish 1000? thx
Nah...should be a piece of cake. The tech will simply add the D1000 with a DP Twin/Dual combo. Will just need to run a new line to your DP34 switch for the 129 location and add another DP34 switch.
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Maybe but if I was the tech I would leave the quad and just add the dual, no reason to replace the quad when its basicly able to do the same thing as the twin would and as long as his locals are coming off the 110/119 then there wont be a need for a second switch as the two free ports on the quad can run the dual tuner or two other non hd tuners. If the hd receiver and the dual tuner are run off the dpp44 then this will allow him to drop one line from the switch or set it aside as an emergency back up line if one goes bad.
Only reason why I said replace the Quad is that during ANY dish 1000 upgrade, you're supposed to replace the LNB on the current dish 500. At least that's what is being told by DNS to all RSPs.

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