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Nov 29, 2005
..Just wondering if anyone with these models is experiencing DVR prblems with this new version...
I am unable to retrieve recordings nor record on my 501..When accessing the guide the video/audio samll pic fnstion is not functioning..The small screen goes black and reads "retrieving program info from satellite"....The 510 downstairs is workong fine with the same version....Perhaps my 501 Hd Drive is circling the bowl...Don't know...
lots of problems with the 500 series DVRs have been reported here. Started in last few months with I think new software.

DVRs miss activating on set timers- and some staying on during timing function.

Tech support suggested resetting recievers to get fix. Worked for a few days and now missing again. Seems to happen alot on the first timer of the day- doesn't wake up to record.

Have two 500 series and both have experienced problems
I also had many of the problems others have noted after the last software upgrade. Tried several remedies, and the one which seemed to work was to do a hard reset...followed by removing and replacing the card...followed by another hard reset.

This seems to have fixed the problems I was experiencing.
Ever since the new software that was release during the summer, I've experienced lockups, missed timers, no picture hard drive that just spins and spins and spins.

Never had any of these problems before the updates.

I still think Dish just wants these units to be gone because of the no DVR Fee.

So release software with tons of bugs and hope customers upgrade. Then the rest will have hard drive failures, and then have to upgrade because of that.
Did Dish start hiring the Asians to write their software now like they hired them to answer our calls?

Wouldn't surprise me, my 508's have been flaky recently. Skipping commercials in recorded show playback is quirky. Skips, jumps, audio mutes, just annoying.
I get "mutes" in all my recordings. It is sooooooo anoying!

I thought maybe the HD was going bad but it could very well be the software if it is happening to more then just me.
Well our 510 has missed a few timers but my wife discovered that if we don't turn it off (just let it sleep) it seems to do OK. It's a kludge but a functional kludge.
I am not having any timer problems with my 510, but I am having a lot of issues with the interactive app... Everytime I try to load TWC interactive it will power my 510 down and reboot it... Dunno if it is a p363 bug, but it is a pain in the butt... CC
Locals are close to being unwatchable on my 510 (skips, stops, jumps, etc in both playback and "live"). No sense in me bothering Dish with it if a replacement is likely going to do the same thing.

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