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Nov 16, 2003
I've had a DP501 for almost 2 years and have had a strange problem the entire time which has gotten worse recently. Often when in the program guide, I click either "search" or "record" on a show. Instead of bringing up the record or search screens, I'm dumped back to the program I was watching when entering the guide. This problem doesn't happen all the time, and is less prevalent if I don't put the 501 into standby every night. When I do have the problem, resetting the unit by holding power for 5 seconds seems to fix it for a little while.

I talked to tech. support today and they claim never to have heard of this problem. They're going to send it to engineering to see if there's a possible fix.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve the problem? Thanks!!

That problem has been posted in other forums before and is about a year old. They've heard of the problem. My guess..since it's not something that can be done with specific key strokes, they haven't been able to reproduce the problem on their side.

I've got 2 508s. One box has never done it, the other does it seldomly.

And you thought A Bug's Life was only a movie.
I haven't been dumped to live but frequently when pressing record on a show highlighted in the guide, the timer creation screen will be for the show to the left (before) the one I wanted.
Mine does this once in awhile and I've had mine for 25 months (actually it's the 3rd one). Mine has actually gotten better with the newer software revs. Try rebooting it weekly, that usually helps mine, since the kick back to live is one of the first symptoms I experience when it is ready to hurl.
Hi, I used to have a 501 that did the same thing about half the time I went to record and the only way I got around it was to hit info on the show and then hit record. I now have three 508 receivers and all of them work great. I bet it has something to with a slow hard drive. Do you use the full screen guide or the one with the channel in the corner. They used to have a Blank screen bug in versions before 196 if you used the full screen guide but they finally fixed that and it only took them three months, thank you Dish Network. It might have something to do with the UHF remote try unhooking the UHF remote antenna on back of the receiver and then it will just use the IR signals off of the remote and see if that helps. Good luck, Mike.

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