510 backing up


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Nov 7, 2003
Is there any way to archive the programs recorded on a 510 besides taping them to a VCR?

I'm about ready to make the move to Directv and their Directivo. Wife is extremely unhappy about the Viacom news and is also wanting a dual tuner solution.
If you want to break the Warranty seal and install the drive in a pc:


Note: that the mpeg you get isn't standard DVD resolution. There's some moderately painful jumps to transfer the files to a standard DVD (unless you have an APEX player or another that can handle the files).
They also make Firewire to IDE connectors that work as well without removing the drive.
you disconnect the ide and power at the motherboard and connect to the cable ends (the seal get's broken if the hard drive is removed).

You have to find a male-female ide cable.

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