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Sep 30, 2003
I signed up for the 510 deal and they are going to be installing it this Monday. This DVR will be in addition to the two receivers I already have. I only have a dual lnb on my dish 500. Will the Standard Professional Installation include the quad lnb? With out it, they can't hook up the 510.

Bump for same question here.
Also, I'm considering just replacing my 4900 with the 510. Will the 510 work on a legacy system? Don't mind having to go to dishpro, just was hoping to wait and get it done if/when the Superdish upgrade deals become available.

The answer to your question is yes. If you are upgrading to a 510 in addition to your other receivers, and more than 2 ports are needed, the installer shall install a quad free of charge.
I also am adding a 510 to my account (daughter got new TV for birthday) AND it will be free as I extended my commitment for 2 years.

I recently sent back my original 2700 and 4900 (blew the dust off them as they were backups in my closet) so now I am OFF the DHP. I signed up for the $1.99 extended warranty and got the 510 deal. A new PVR for free as I have the AEP so no monthly fee. PLUS, my 721 and 2 Dishplayers have maxed out my SW64 (Dish500 installed in May 2000, another Dish300 installed in 2002 for locals on 61.5) SO they will be upgrading my switch as well to handle the new receiver.

All for free. Flame THAT D* trolls! :evil: (Who cares about a potentially buggy receiver? That's what the extended warranty is for. 4 PVRs covered for $1.99? Cheapest insurance I'll ever buy.)
Curious on Dish "fees"... I was just talking to Dish service, and was told the current upgrade "special" is $49.95 + $4.98/mo for a 510. I was thinking of upgrading my 301 to a 510 (also have a 501).

I asked him what my current charge of $50 included. He said $34 for Top 100 + $6 for locals + $5 for extra receiver + $5 for "home plan".... what is that? I see this $1.99 warrantee mentioned here, should that $5 fee be $1.99? I have had the 501 and 301 for about 4 years now.
The $5 fee is for in home service coverage and a waiver of shipping fees.

The $2 plan only covers replacing the receivers, without a service call. Also, they are supposed to add a $15 shipping charge to ship your replacement to you (I think of it as a deductible). Then again, I was supposed to pay this fee twice before when I ordered things and was able to dodge it each time by whining until I got it waived by a supervisor.
n00bie here....please be gentle!



First off, I have to say I came across this forum and read for 2 hours last night, great information. Thanks.

Second, I would like to know if anyone has used the 510 $99 upgrade deal on more than one receiver. That is, I have a 2800 and a 7200 (apparently I'm behind the times compared to you all) and I was looking to get more recording space. Has anyone picked up two or more 510 receivers on this deal to replace older models?

Also, between the 'terms' and a criptic/half-assed response I received from DishNetwork, it seems to be that customers of 1+ years receive this receiver for free. Is that accurate?

A friend that has been on Dish for a few months was told that even with a commitment of 1 or 2 years, that he couldn't get this receiver upgrade for free. That doesn't seem to make much sense, as Dish would make more money in the long run and even if he canceled next month, they'd get ther $250 penalty. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Lastly (sorry for the long message) - I've received conflicting information on any associated monthly fee for using the 510. With the 7200 I pay a $9.99/month "DISH PLAYER PERSONAL TV" fee. Is there, or isn't there a few associated to the 510? The 'reason' (if you can call it that) from Dish for this charge seemed like BS, does anyone have an idea about how legitimate this fee is, as it varies from PVR to PVR?

Thank you all!

I am trading up my 2800 receiver for the 510 and paying nothing. But I have to sign a 2 yr agreement. I could have kepy my 2800 if I allowed E* to come in and install the 510 for me, but I don't want anyone but yours truly going into my rack. So I chose to turn in my 2800 in order to have the 510 shipped to me.

I'll be with E* 2 years on the 14th of this month.
Yes, you can get the 510 for free with a 2 yr commitment. It's $99 with a 1 year.

LordEnder: The DVR fee is generally $5 (or free with the everything pack) - so, if you get rid of you're Dishplayer you'll save $5. Watch your bill, you may have to call customer service and remind them to remove the DP PTV fee. Be careful, unlike the PTV fee, if you get multiple 510s (or other new DVRs), you'll pay the PVR fee on each - it can get nasty - DirectTV is still a better deal here.

Matt: I wasn't thrilled have E* come and do the install, but it really is a pretty good deal. They'll include any extra hardware to get it up and running. In my case I got a free upgrade form Legacy SW21 to DishPro with an SW34 plus a cable run to my master bedroom.

If they're working in my home theatre, I pull everything out and have the cables lose and ready to plug directly into the DVR before they arrive. This way they are not messing with my cables. Then, I offered to unpack and wire up the 510 while the installer was running the master bedroom line.
David, I'll have no coice but to allow E* in when it's time for the Superdish upgrade, so at that time I'll be ready for someone to come on in. I'll also have run cables for the new location of the dish, since it cannot go on my chimney, where my current dish is located. When this happens I'll get the new switches (SW34) and power adaptor for my 6000, all for free (thank God).

What to expect from locals picture quality?


local channels available nov.6 but cant get superdish?

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