510 Video Improvement?


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Dec 5, 2003
I have been a Dish subscriber for about 1.5 years, I left DirecTV after 8 years (Pegasus :mad: was the reason I left--long story) and I have noticed a decline in PQ. Very soft picture on most channels :no with a "clay face" effect on many channels. I am using a Mitz 55" HDTV (AVIA-calibrated).

I joined Dish when they offered the 2 free receivers/free installation deal. So, I have been using 2 301 receivers. I have been wanting a PVR for some time and could not help myself, so I purchased the 510 upgrade for $79. I traded in one of my 301s in the process.

After setting up the PVR in my HT room, I immediately noticed an improvement in PQ with the 510 :shocked . I was not expecting to see a difference. Please understand that the PQ is not great, but is improved, almost enjoyable. Much sharper, less "clay face" effect, colors are more saturated. Has anyone else noticed the same result? Or am I just wanting to see an improvement I also notice a big improvement with the audio using the DD output directly to my receiver.

Now I have recording capability with improved picture and sound. I must also state that I don't see how I could ever go back to a non-PVR device :D .

My future plans are to get an HD/PVR to replace the 510 and move it up to the living room. That won't happen until the price is reasonable and more HD content is offered. I am satisfied to watch free HD OTA at this time.
lamer said:
Now I have recording capability with improved picture and sound. I must also state that I don't see how I could ever go back to a non-PVR device :D .

I've had PVR's (DishPlayer, and now 2 501's and a 721), and would NEVER do a NON-PVR receiver.

It totally changes the way you think about TV.

The skip, rewind, pause, et al are NICE.

Welcome aboard the PVR revolution.
I noticed a huge jump in quality from the 4900 to the 501. Much sharper, primarily. The 721 has that same advantage over older receivers. I thought the 301's were of the same quality as the 501, but maybe not, maybe they were more like the 4900. The 501/508/510 all have the same OS and chipsets, so I think they are identical in PQ (never actually seen a 510).
I have noticed a slight difference in PQ between my 301 and my 510, but nothing too noticable.

I'm just incredibly happy with the picture quality I have over cable, and the PQ I have over my old stand alone Tivo, I have more recording time, and every recording has an outstanding picture. For all the complaining people do, I think the 510 is an outstanding unit, depsite the few bugs I've come across.

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