522 Optical Out


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May 25, 2004
I can't seem to get the audio to work through the optical out on the DISH 522 PVR. I do get a beam and I've tried two different fibre cables. I've also verified the port on my Denon 3805 is working...

Is there a setting somewhere that turns this feature on? The standard RCA audio connections work fine.
It appears that you tried other dolby digital sources on the same input? Are you certain that the receiver is switched to the correct input or set to automatically detect a dolby digital source?
Might want to double check the settings on the 3805. Most commonly, this problem is caused by people forgetting to set up the digitial port mappings on the receiver.
Yes. I've verified all these things. I got a replacement 522 today so we'll see if a hardware problem on the 522 or not for sure.
Ok replaced the dish 522. The digital out is now working! Definately a bad 522.

Thanks all for your comments.

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