6/28/15 guide update


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Oct 3, 2006
There was a message on my system that on 6/28/15 or after that some new features where going to be added to the guide. I have not received this update in RI yet. Anyone receive it yet? I did some searching on this update and could not find any info in it.

Some new features I recall from the message was using the left arrow to see last viewed channels and to be able to view channles in a-z order. The other I recall was having ondemand content listed in the guide kind of like the Dish Hopper does with a play icon.



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Supporting Founder
Sep 8, 2003
Amherst, NY (Buffalo suburb)
I know we got a new guide.... I will have to check some of it out when we are done streaming.
The thing I noticed was that when you highlight a channel it shows a picture of what is on.... like a cover for the movie or show. To be honest I see no real benefit in that for me. I did go into the on demand once recently but I hardly ever use that feature so I couldnt say if it changed any. One of the other things that changed is the dvr menu and how you delete things. We record the news in case some of our shows run over. At this time of year that isnt happening so I go in every now and then and just delete the folder. Now you highlight the folder and press "C" to delete. It is slower that way. Clicking on a folder to open it and scrolling down to the bottom of a list is slow also. I record General Hospital and catch up on it on the weekends when I am in the kitchen cooking longer so I scroll down about 5 shows to start. When I have finished watching it I delete it but instead of bringing me to the next show like it used to I have to go into the folder and scroll all over again. Much more tedious.

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