622 + 722 + Harmony Remote: Will it work? (1 Viewer)

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Jun 29, 2008
Does anyone have actual experience using ANY Harmony remote with 2 DISH receivers?

If so, what receivers are they and which remote is it?

Here's why:
I've been looking at Harmony remotes for a long time now but I've never been able to confirm with Logitech that the same remote can be programmed to control 2 separate DISH receivers. I have used their online utility to set up a remote (I don't have one, I just test-drove the software). In that process, you can only identify 1 DISH box and you can't tell it which remote address is being used (the little address you set under SysInfo). Their tech support people will only say that "it should work", but they readily admit they've never tried it.

I can't believe I'm the only guy with 2 boxes in the same room. I have a 622 and 722. I don't have separate TVs or anything. I just like the flexibility of that much recording space. I travel a lot and work long hours so I don't get to watch TV on any kind of schedule. When I do get time to watch something, I like the fact that it's all right there on my boxes.

But I digress.

Both receivers are in the same equipment closet along with my Denon 4800, a PS3, an Oppo DVD player, and a DVD recorder.

My display is a Panasonic AE900U Front Projector.

In an ideal world, I could control everything with a single remote. I'm not so worried about the PS3. I can live with 2 remotes. But if I'm going to spend $200-$300 on a remote, I can't stand the thought of still keeping 3 remotes out.

So...anyone doing this right now?
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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Sep 7, 2003
I am using the Harmony 550 for the following E* receivers:
one 622
Two 722
one 942
one 9200
(yes these are all in the same room)

Logitec does have several remote address on line but I did have to learn a button or two with some of the addresses


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Jun 29, 2008
thanks for the confirmation!

As it happens, I think the feature set of the 1000 has left me wanting so now I'm leaning toward the Philips 7000.

It is good to know I have options!


SatelliteGuys Family
Jan 21, 2006
I use Harmony 880 with 2 722

Works fine. The key is to set the remote address for each setup so that you only control the dvr that you want to control.

Too much time has passed to tell you exactly how to set the address on the Harmony. Its gotta be somewhere in the web setup, however, back when I first had this done, I had to have harmony tech support set the address at their end.

Someone on the forum hopefully can provide a better specific.

The Harmony is great to control the TV, TV input, Audio Receiver, AV Switchbox, and the DVR with one press.


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Supporting Founder
Oct 13, 2003
Denver, Co
I don't have two units in the same room, but did setup the harmony for ir address 2.

After setting up the device I had the harmony "verify the codes" from the original remote. It asked for me to press a few keys on the dish remote, then reported "better codes found", and all worked fine.

I believe harmony support could also take care of this remotely.

Another option is to get an 890 instead of 880. You can then map which devices are connected to which ir senders. It then shouldn't matter if both boxes are on the same ir code.

Amazon currently has the 890 for $201.56 w/ free shipping (a fantastic price).
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