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I am south of Houston about 60 miles and get those locals. I have an 811 receiver that was hooked up with the HD packages at the first of January of this year. Things have really changed in just a few months. I am wanting to change to the 622 for the DVR features and have read about the $299 offer DISH has to switch.

My install in January was two 500 dishes. Will these be adequate or will the guy have to switch to the 1000 for my needs. I guess I will have to add the Silver package as I want the equivalent of what I am receiving now.

Also will I be able to receive the locals in HD through the 622 receiver?...and has the quality of HD improved, as after I hooked up many of the posts enlightened me that I was only receiving HD-light.

Sorry for all of the questions, as I have read thru much of these posts, but am fairly new to all of this as just got hooked up in January.


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update: can now answer most of my own questions

Well, can now answer most of my own original questions, as I signed up for the 622 today. I took a great tip from one of these posts and went directly through Tech option when I called, and got a very sabe lady and there was no language barrier. She said the two 500 dishes I have are adequate. I signed up for the Silver package. The time frame is exactly a month for the scheduled install. Today is the 14th of April, by the morning of the 15th of May I should be connected with the 622. She confirmed that Houston Channels through the receiver are not yet HD, but should be one day.

I still don't know the answer to my "quality of HD" question, and I forgot to ask her and maybe someone here can answer: is that $5.99 Home protection charge necessary or can I drop it? I was getting it free for the 1st 6 months.


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Nov 25, 2003
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You can drop it anytime but I would wait till the FREE 6 months are over with . In the future I would only add it is when you need it then drop it when you the replacement dvr is installed or the dish is fixed etc.
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Thanks for the reply. It seems like there is a charge for every single thing. That $5 for not having a phone line is ridiculous, though I live in a very rural area where no broadband is possible, and rely on a phone line for internet connection and it won't effect me until if I ever am able to switch over.


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May 14, 2004
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I'm glad you took my suggestion to hit option #2 to speak with the tech support and they were able to help.

You'll love the 622 when you get it.

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