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Apr 28, 2005
Atlanta, GA
I recently got a replacement 622 and I'm having two problems:

1. I prefer to use the guide button to switch between "All Channels", "All HD", my favorites, etc. However, I get the pop-up favorites option screen and every time I set it to toggle by pressing the guide button, it loses that setting the next time I turn the receiver on.

2. The DVR recording options for time recorded past an event won't save as a default setting. I record sporting events and change it from the default 60 minutes down to 3 minutes and select "save as system default", but it will always start at 60 minutes.

I don't have any problems with it losing my actual favorites list or my timers, so why won't it save these settings? Any ideas?



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Nov 10, 2006
My problem is similiar to yours. Lately, my 722 has been losing all its locked channels. By that, I mean that everything becomes unlocked. I made a favorites list and that too disappeared after a couple of days. I just re-locked all the channels I would prefer to not show up on the guide last night. Hopefully they will stay that way.

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