622 lost HDMI


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Jan 26, 2007
I'm new to the forum, so be nice! :) I've been lurking (and learning much) for several years, and joined recently, expecting that I would have a question sooner or later. Apparently sooner :mad:.

Several days ago I turned on my 622 to be greeted by the infamous corrupted HD message; I hard rebooted (like other members have, and have had to do once before), but got a blank screen in return. No video or audio, but I noticed that I still had sound via optical to my receiver, and later I found it was recording a program. So I tried a second connection via S cable and conventional audio cables, and video/audio returned.

My question: Is the HDMI loss related to a software glitch (after the reboot), or a hardware failure that just happened during the reboot? My first thought was that a software update had occurred overnight (causing the problem), but I still have the L366 software. And the HDMI on my Panny 42" plasma works fine from my DVD player.




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Sep 20, 2005
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The 622's have a known HDMI problem. I do not know if Dish is replacing a defective unit these days. You can hook up via component without any picture degredation, as I have done (had no HDMI problem, just decided not to subject myself to the possibility).