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Jan 11, 2007
hey guys I'm new to this site. I've recently taken a great love of hd equipment and services but am still very new to this stuff. I have has a 622 receiver hooked up to a Westinghouse LCD TV for several months without a problem. all of a sudden today the HDMI audio is gone but still available through stereo receiver and optical output. Then video goes out only on HDMI also. I called dish and they said is compatibility issue with some tvs. I do not understand if it's not compatible why it worked for so many months without a problem?? I've tried all the standard troubleshooting from resets to checking cables. will be replacing cable in a few minutes to see if that helps. The receiver also acted very strange with a green screen, press select to continue would not go away, after reset would not acquire signal until turned off and back on, and flipping randomly between press select to continue/black screen/video. I think the receiver may need replaced but dish says that i should just use component cables. I don't have any available ports because of other HD equipment. any suggestions on how to fix this would be great. (I apologize for the horrible english in this but i should have been sleeping hours ago) thanks
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Sounds like the 622 is going crazy. Yes try a new cable and a different tv if you have one. Its either the 622 the cable or the tv.
More will chime in. Let us know what you find out.
cable not it

The new HDMI cable did not work. I am about to try this hd monitor if I ever get myself up and away from the computer.
Have you moved the 622 recently? There is a known issue that the HDMI ports break easily. If it was working and now isn't then this has probably happend and you need to get dish to send you a replacement.

Trying to get receiver replaced but haven't moved it in over 3 months. problem only occurred today. Thanks i will remember that and not move it around now though.
It really dosen't have anything to do with moving it the weight of the HDMI cable itself may be enough to cause jack problems on 211 and 622 receivers. It is a known problem with DISH HD receivers but DISH always denies their products have problems.
Surely the ubiquitous HDMI socket problem on the 622. Join the club! Most likely one or more of the 19 leads lifted from the pcb due to stress and/or temp. cycling. The "good" news is that you can still use the component connections for roughly the same HD PQ until the receiver is replaced. When you finally do get a replacement, make sure to not wiggle the HDMI plug any more than absolutely necessary to insert it (hopefully only once) and take some measures to off-load any cable weight that's pulling-down on that plug, as boba alluded. Also make sure the unit is well ventilated. Heat will take its toll and this is one hot-running unit!

There are several active threads on this situation - just search "622 HDMI" and read your fill!

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HD from Dish. What do you want ?

Listen to audio from swapped out tuner ??

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