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Hey guys

At school my comcast remote has an option that allows the volume button on the remote to control the AUX device. I have searched dish's website and the troubleshooting FAQ, but have not found a code that allows me to do this at home with my UHF Pro remote for the 622. Is there any such code for this purpose?
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Nov 20, 2007
AUX Mode Volume Override, the volume control defaults to the AUX mode instead of TV mode. In this mode, you cannot access TV volume at all. This is for people who wish to use their TV as a monitor and control all volume through their stereo system.

To put in AUX Mode Volume Override:
  1. Press and hold AUX mode button until all buttons light
  2. Press #
  3. Press Volume +
  4. Press 0
  5. Press #
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