622 software upgrade?


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Nov 26, 2006
so I heard that the 622 was suppoed to get an upgrade in Software today (dec 1st). I looked around and saw no signes that there was an upgrade.

well maby ther eare comming soon.. but

what was the upgrade suppoed to be. I was hopeing that pausing a show, Swap tuners and then come back to find it still paused would be really COOL!.. how r u supposed to rember where you left off when we swapped.. (PIP works but , naaa)

second.. any status on use of Ethernet over phone line instead. GOD I hate having to plug the phone in since well, I dont have one.

At the Tech Chat they said the software would come around the beginning of December; I suspect given all of the turmoil, they thought it best not to cause even more angst.

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