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Dec 12, 2006
Just got a 622 yesterday.... My experiences so far are best summed up as, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". I'll post separately about the two lockups I've had and the recording I managed to cancel without any "are you sure" dialog.

But for now, what should be a simple question:
Is there any way to display the timer bar without
affecting playback? Pause will do it, but simply hitting the play button does not. The developers must have been advocates of the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle since they seem to want to force me to affect the playback in order to observe it. I simple want to see how far along I am in a playback without pausing, or rewinding etc. Seems hitting play should work.

(Yes, I just moved from DirecTV and have been using a Tivo for 6 years)
it's not the timer bar, but push the right-arrow button, the popup should give you remaining time on the current program.

i think it does about the same thing as 'cancel' mentioned above

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