622 tv2 output signal is it weaker than 4700 rf out (1 Viewer)


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Nov 21, 2004
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Just got my price increase. I need to reduce some cost. I currently have a 4700 feeding 3 sd tvs in other rooms up to 75 feet away. There is an amplifier on the cable run. I am using a 622 in single mode. So I thought I could get rid of the 4700 and save $7.
I disconnected the 4700 rf out and connected it to my 622 tv2 out. I reset the 3 sd tvs to the uhf channel for tv2 cable out. No matter what I do with setting the amplifier gain control , I get a snowy picture at all 3 sd tvs. When I reconnect to the 4700 and go back to channel 3 on all the sd tvs, the picture becomes sharp again. What I did not try is going over the air. I would have to get 3 uhf antennas for the 3 sd tvs. Anybody have any suggestions.


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Feb 17, 2005
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First thing I would try is to bypass the amp and go direct to a/the tv's. Also a lower uhf channel(s) for tv2 out may work better.

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