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May 28, 2005
Well one of my 622's apparently decided it was tired of working & went on a permanent vacation. Powering up the device brings you to a full speed fan and eventually a white vertical bar on the screen, with the TV1 light lit up. After about 15 seconds the bar & TV1 light disappears and TV goes back to no signal & no further life is detected from the box.

already called Dish, they are sending out a replacement (my second 622 replacement) and my wife is about to kill me because we lost all her movies we did not have archived.

j wherley

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Jan 5, 2005
Mohall, North Dakota
Seems to be alot of that going around lately! I have had mine for two years without any problems, was watching one night and the next morning I had the same problem as you.

I own this box so I opened the box and unhooked the drive and it would boot right up then! So I hooked the drive backup the I unpluged the receiver for awhile to rest and cool off! It would then bootup until the guide info tried loading, then the reboot cycle stated again!

Try unhooking the leads from the dish while you are trying to get it going as it seems that where the guide data is stored is where my HHD failed.

With this process I was able keep it going long enough to watch some of my recordings, it would let me watch a couple shows and then I would have to unplug again, if seemed to last longer if I didn't try to use the info button!

I ordered and installed a refub. harddrive and I have my receiver running like new, so far it has proformed fine and now has room for 55 hours of HD!

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