622 with "no HDMI" problem - any solutions?


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Hi, folks! I searched the threads and I have seen a number of reports of the 622 not having any HDMI output, since this is my current dilemma as well. But I could not see in any of those threads that anyone ever found a solution. Is there anything I should try before I call E* tech service (again!) for a swap?

The HDMI/HDMI cable was tested in another system at BB and seems to work OK. I have not tried another cable yet as I don't have one and I'm not inclined to pony-up at least $50 to a local store for just an experiment, especially given the fact that the one I have is proven OK in another system.

TV = Sony Bravia. HDMI/DVI from 811 works OK, but not the HDMI/HDMI from the 622. The composite and component connections from the 622 to the TV work and everything else I have tested on the 622 so far works OK (except for perhaps the 622's OTA tuner, but that's a topic for another thread!). I did try several HDTV set-up options (menu - 6 - 8 screen). The Sony supports both 720p and 1080i. 622 SW = 3.56 (I think).

Any thoughts/other experiences would be appreciated! TIA and BRgds...
This is a major problem the 622 has. My first one lasted 2 weeks. At first you might be able to correct the problem by disconnectiing the HDMI and reconnecting it whenthe unti is off. Howerver that worked on mine for only two days. I then demanded...and got a new unit. Working 2 weeks so far and counting. there is no other solution if you want to use the HDMI other than to get it replaced. My set by the way was a SAMSUNG HLN4365. So it affects more than just one brand of set.
Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I usually have the jiggle the HDMI cable to get it to work again for the day. For some strange reason though, when the receiver turns off to check for updates the problem is there again and I have to jiggle and unplug the HDMI cable. I'm sure if I continue to do this, the connectors will go bad and I will have to ask dish for a new unit.

On another note, do you guys notice any difference between HDMI and component? If there is no difference I guess I could live without the HDMI if it became disabled. Thanks
Dish sez "Live with it"...!

Tks for the replies! I had my HDMIx2 cable tested at BB - worked OK, then I bought another one at Wal*Mart and tried that - neither made any difference. In the HDMI input my Sony Bravia LCD TV shows only a blank screen and there is no audio to the TV (optical audio to the SS system is OK).

So I called E* tech support again and in a coincidence got the same tech that answered my call from Monday! The call went well (25 minutes), the tech was polite, competent, and stayed with me until I was "satisfied", but I did not get any immediate results. In a bit of a slip, the tech admitted that this is a "known problem". He later recanted that, then when I tried to pin him down on it, he stated that it was not an "official" known problem. (What double-talk !!)

He talked to his engineering group twice with me on hold briefly each time. He took a bunch of information supposedly requested by the engineering group including my TV type (Sony KDLV40XBR1) and cable types used, and had me read back a bunch of info from the set-up and system screens. He stated that mostly Sony and Mitsubishi TV owners are reporting this problem, which is some sort of incompatibility between the HDMI data exchanges. I said that confounded me since the 811 worked OK with the DVI/HDMI connection, to which the tech responded that there is a big difference between the DVI data and HDMI data (I need to investigate that some more) and that result - works OK on DVI, not on HDMI - is possible.

Soo - The "engineers are working on something to fix the incompatibility" that will likely result in some SW or bootstrap change, more likely the latter. Since the component connections are working OK the tech asked for my patience while they work on the issue, I asked how long, and he said give them 2 weeks. I guess I'm willing to do that, but I will eventually demand a new 622 to try if they can't give me something more substantial in 2 weeks. Component is OK, but I want what I paid for !!

Incidentally, I tried jiggling the cable (seems kinda loose especially on the TV end) and I did notice some scrambled junk/patterns flash across the screen, but that would not resolve to a picture and as soon as I stopped the motion (I am also worried about damaging the connectors) the screen went black again.

Like capman asked - how much difference is noticed between the HDMI and component connections? The HDTV I can watch looks about the same as what the 811 was giving me with the DVI/HDMI working. I never tried the 811 with component.

I encourage others who are/were having this problem to report in with their TV type and I will feed this information back to E* next time I call. I will also continue to update, and add this same thread to my blog.

Thanks for your feedback and support. Together we can force the issue with E* !!
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I have the exact same Sony TV in my bedroom and have no problem with the HDMI connection from my 622, so don't let them tell you it is Sony's fault. By the way I love the TV, how about you.
rmoore3d said:

I have the exact same Sony TV in my bedroom and have no problem with the HDMI connection from my 622, so don't let them tell you it is Sony's fault. By the way I love the TV, how about you.
Tks, rmoore3d !! This is EXACTLY the kind of feedback I need to push under E*'s nose! In fairness the E* tech never said or implied that it's Sony's fault, only that there are "compatibility problems with some manufacturers' HDMI inputs". Unfortunately I am not convinced that they will ever solve that "problem", but per your information it is certainly NOT a problem with all Sony/622 combinations...!

I also love that TV! I was VERY close to buying a 42" Panny plasma monitor when I stumbled onto the Sony. Since I was replacing a 14 y.o. 27" XBR, the choice of and transition to the XBR Bravia was natural! I admit that the LCD has less grayscale, but other than that I think the LCD is superior to the other 40-42" displays I was comparing it to, and there were many! My only reservation about the Sony was its lack of PIP (wtf...!), but that is solved by the 622.

I have 1 "weak" pixel in the margin. It's not dead or stuck on, but in a very bright scene, this one green element is not as bright as all the others so that group of 3 shows-up kinda reddish. In darker scenes you don't see any difference. You have to be about 3' or less from the TV to even notice it. I noticed this one about 2 weeks after I got the TV, but it may have been there from the start. This causes me to pay a LOT of attention to all the rest of the screen ever since and there have been no other pixel issues seen. (I am rather sensitive to LCD pixel problems due to computer screen issues.)

Other than that I consider this a "perfect" TV for its location. I have it connected to a Sony "Dream" SS system and that sounds good, not great but good enough. I only use the internal speakers rarely. The OTA tuner is somewhat better than the 811's and (unfortunately!) quite superior to the 622's! I'm in a marginal OTA signal area, so this will need some work.

I'll give E* 2 weeks to "correct" the HDMI problem as I mentioned, but after that I will ask for the replacement.

Again, your feedback on the exact same set-up is very valuable for my cause.

Anyone else...?

TIA and BRgds...
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I had my first issue yesterday with my HDMI port. I have an HDMI/DVI adapter in place, and the picture went to black with no warning. I switched to an analog feed that runs throughmy DVD recorder and the picture was fine. I tried switching to 720p from 1080i to try and clear it, but to no avail. I went to reboot and I saw it jump to a perfect image (I was watching ESPNews) for a 1/4 second before it went black to do the reboot. I turned it off and rebooted 3 more times as I tried it without the HDMI, with it, and then replugged the cord in. I don't know what I did, but the picture came back.

This was the first time I've had a problem with the output since I got it a few months ago. I'm debating whether or not to pick up another Component cable to keep as a backup. If the output does fail, I don't want to lose my recordings, so I will try and limp through the summer until I catch up and then I can arrange a swap if I have to.

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