721...change remote address?


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Oct 23, 2003
Central IL
I either have a new bug to report, a ghost in the house, or a neighbor that just got a 721. Today, at random, my 721 has started pulling up the channel guide, looking at program info, looking at system info, etc...everything but changing channels on its own. I took the batteries out of the two remotes I own, and it continued to do this, which leaves me with the three options mentioned in the first line; new bug, old ghost or next-door neighbor.

To rule out the neighbor with a new 721, is there a way to change the remote address on these UHF remotes? Couldn't find anything in the manual that addressed this question.

If it's not the neighbor...anyone ever had this happen?

Look on page 38, it explains how to change your remote address.

You might try rebooting it or pulling the smartcard for a few seconds
Tell us if this worked after the remote address got changed. I am curious if there are issues with these receivers. Me and others in the past have noticed these types of things with some of the receivers.

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