Reformating HD: playback says signal lost Signal at 105%


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Oct 2, 2003
Reformating HD: playback says signal lost Signal at 105%


I have pionted my dish so perfectly that I often see OVER 100% on almost all transponders and sats.

Yet when playing back my PVR gets this error, almost like the HD has bad sectors.

In the early days you could push a butch of remote buttons and get the thing to reformat and erase everything.

What are the keys today? I have a 501.
I had a similar problem with one of my 6000s. It kept losing the satellite signal. I have 125 on a lot of transponders. The receiver would also say it was having problems with the multiswitch, etc. I swapped around receivers and found out it was just that line. It turned out one of the old connectors outside (on the grounding block) was bad. When the cable moved a bit due to wind it would knock out the signal for just a split second, enough to cause the errors.

I cut off the connector (it was an old clamp type) and put a new compression Digicon connector and have not had a problem since.

If your system has been installed for a while it is possible you could have a connection problem somewhere too. I also had a spot where squirrels had chewed off the insulation on my RG-6 cable. Best to check all your lines for any physical damage or loose connections
Thanks. This might be it. I will switch cables

Anyway, does anyone know the reformat command just in case?

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