721 Hard drive going, going, gone.....


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Oct 5, 2003
So as i walk into the living room my wife ask's "What is that ticking noise?"

Well, for people that have been around computers enough, we know that noise as a HD that is tring to Seek and is not getting anywhere,,,,

Not good I say! Lets reboot.. Comes up after reboot and says..Drive failure!! Even has a nice overlay telling me that I need to call Dish and I can use a few channels..

Well, i reach back and pull the plug out of the UPS and plug the unit back in, give it a long press on the Power Button... and wait.. wait.. no clicking, hmm maybe.. comes up saying DL ... , then Dl..part 2... Then "please Reboot"

Ya, lost all the shows..but I can live with that

So off we go watching TV again.. Then 10 minutes later... "Click", "Click"

What the F@ck!!!

So this sucks on a Friday night of all times!

My thoughs are this.. Is this a Seagate drive :)

Now, I have had a bad sector or two in my days on fairly new drives, but all OS's I've ever used also had the ability to make the Sector as bad.. isn't this what any OS/PVR should do?

Well, I guess waiting 10 minutes answered that ?

Wish me luck, I've had it for only 3 months or so, but added the warrenty when I got the 721.. will I be good to go, or does one have to have that warrenty for so long?


Warranty becomes active on all equipment after 30 days of signing up!
You are just fine, as the 721 has a year warranty. Just call dish and they will send a replacement. Sadly, I have a lot of experience with this. I own 5 dvrs, and have replaced more than a few. Good luck!
Sounds great on the Warrenty, at least from that end Dish is pretty great! I had called and they are sending a replacement..

So for my next question, the replacements are more then likely other "Returned" units correct? I have never had any other problems with this 721 for the 3 months I've had it, and worry the replacement unit will/can have all sorts of issues..

So whats your thoughts on keeping the one I have? I turned it back on after i called Dish Tech, and it's been running fine for over 12 hours now no HD problem. Is the Clicking a bad sector deal or a HD head failure?

Would I be crazy to wait? :)

When I had to have my 721 replaced it was a new unit I got without even asking for a new one but for the most part, you will get a refurbished receiver (one that has been repaired but in like new condition). Some say that those are better while others say that they are worse, but sometimes refurbished can be better if they have been tested a good bit compared to new receivers that may not have been tested nearly as much.

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