721 L1.16 update..stuck ?


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Oct 5, 2003
Well, after seeing the info on the forum of the update, I went and checked.
Sure enough, I had it DL and it said to "shut off the receiver"

So after going through the extraction, it has now been setting on the,

Download succeeded, please wait for the receiver to reboot screen for over 2 hours,( took a nape, ok :) )

So now, should I shut it off? The message light and recored light are both still on,,, but over 2 hours? This has to just be a "glitch" right?
Just do a power reboot and it will be through . Push and hold the power button and the info button for 5 seconds till you see the reboot cycle start and it will clear out the screen. I did the same thing on my download of the software. Cleared it right up and I had the new software. Of course 30 minutes later it rebooted itself again while I was watching a movie. All is fine now.
thanks, i was planning to do that, but after super it had finnaly powered off..

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