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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I just received word tonight that the long awaited 721 software update has been given the green light and will be released this week!

The software will be L1.15, and it will includes the Weather Application, triple timer conflict screen and SuperDISH Support!

As always we here at SatelliteGuys are here to help you with any questions you may have about this long awaited update, and again you heard it first here at SatelliteGuys.US
Finally. I knew it had to come before the SuperDish came out and that they would wait until the last minute when it came to the 721l.
Will SW update be on 110 AND 119?

Scott, will the new SW update be uploaded on both the 110 AND the 119 birds?

It has been posted on the "other" boards that tech support is telling 721 owners that version L1.13 started spooling Saturday night. Quite frankly I don't think the tech support department is "in the loop".
I pray it is true. My 721 rebooted 8 times yesterday, 4 times today, and has no picture and no guide for over 2 hours today. I almost called in for a replacement, but i am hanging on hoping the new Software fixes it. Fingers and toes are crossed. I'm giving it until Friday, but no later!!
I hope we can get it this week as well. I have to report that my 721 has performed quite well. With all these playoffs baseball games, survivor, enterprise, honeymooner shows, etc. The other day I was left with 0 hours and started transferring programming to DVD, using my HS2. I have about 14 hours left and have not missed one recording lately. Well, I hope that it continued this good trend. I did have to reboot the other night and missed one recording of a foreign film that I wanted to watch.... :)
With some saying how much their 721 has rebooted it is reminding me of what people were saying about the DishPlayer 7100/7200 with the problems that they were having with it.

I hope they have a discrete power code for the 721 to allow those that want to view the temperature as we can now in the system information screen due to the fact that I have heard that they were not going to put the temprature in the system information screen with the new software.
Just as Scott said the version is L1.15 (not L1.13 as the DISH CSRs are saying). It is now spooling.

The weather application is a nice addition.
Stargazer said:
Does it have the weather application on channel 9500 like the OpenTv receivers do?

No, the 721 does not have OpenTV. You select it from the menu, 8,2.
I wonder if they are going to have a dedicated channel for Interactive functionality like the OpenTv's do once they get those into the 721, or if they are going to make you go into the menu to access it. I heard they were going to integrate OpenTv or something similar into the 721 and 921 receivers somehow.
I'm not finding any bugs now with my 721 after the 115 update. No more freezes or reboots. It is noticeably faster now with responses to remote buttons. It was sluggish the first day or two, but zips now. I've yet to find a bug. Looks like the update fixed all my problems. I'm not seeing the bugs the others are reporting. I really don't care about the 29 minute pad, I've never padded anything even 1 minute.

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