722- 2nd remote not working well (1 Viewer)

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Nov 29, 2003
I've got a 722. Is there any way to improve the signal the 2nd TV remote is getting from the receiver? 722 unit is on the 2nd floor, secondary TV is on the 1st floor, aprox 40 ft away, straight line distance. Can the 2nd TV antennae be enhanced in some way?
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Jun 27, 2007
In the Wind
Where is the antenna?

My installer put it on the RF Out on the back of box. The signal had to shoot through the box and other A/V equipment. I extended it with a six foot RG6 cable and stuck it behind the top edge of the TV with double-sided tape.

It works fine now that it has a straight and unblocked shot.


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Sep 26, 2007
Prospect, KY
My 2nd TV is in the basement right by my patch panel room and my main TV is on the first floor. I have extra RG6 running thru my house so could I connect some to the 722 and put the antenna in the basement to improve my 2nd remote signal?


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