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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Oct 13, 2003
Denver, Co
My 722 seems to be chopping off timers lately. I'm just got L.610 last night (and had a timer chopped). But this started before 610.

It usually happens in the 3-4:00am range. I belive the box is doing a nightly reboot (crashing?) even with a timer running. The recording does not restart. Though today I have one that cut off at 12:41pm.

In the timer event screen, the left column says "stopped". And, if i hit info I get "Event Stopped by User 1".

Anyone else ?
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TV Junkie 12

SatelliteGuys Family
Oct 25, 2006
I haven't seen mine do exactly what you're talking about but last night my 722 recorded an hour of black instead of Burn Notice on USA HD. I found it a little while later when it was doing the same thing on Oz from HBO Zone. I did a reboot and everything came back to normal. It was a strange though, I recorded something a few hours earlier and all was OK. Hope this doesn't become a re-occurring problem. I've had the 722 since April and this is the first recording I've missed.
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