722 Bad dvr recordings on local HD (1 Viewer)

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Feb 5, 2010
So I have a 722, I have had it for over 6 months. And have had this problem off and on. Even when they replaced my receiver I still had the same issues. It had when away when I stopped using HDMI. But it returned about a month ago.

Local HD means broadcast from dish, not OTA. I don't get OTA where I live.

Basically when I try and watch a local HD channel and use PIP or tune to a local HD channel on the 2nd tuner, the station either goes black, displays a "we are working on this, don't call" message, or bleeds through the last channel I was watching.

This is mostly an issue when I am recording something and the receiver is not on. Any local channel recorded on the 2nd tuner will be all digital blocks, and what ever channel I'm currently watching will bleed through. It's unwatchable, completely unwatchable.
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