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Mar 9, 2004
Anyone else exeprience this? My 722 I've had for 6 months if that has started freezing. Only seems to do this on recorded programs or time delayed programs like when you pause it. It's also intermittent. I got down to 6 hours of HD recording time left and it was really bad. I deleted several shows and got it to 14 hours left and it wasn't as bad as in only did it 2 or 3 times for the rest of the show versus not being watchable.

What it does is it's like the picture and sound will freeze but while it's frozen you can't do anything on the receiver at all. A few seconds later sometimes 20 or 30 it will usually un freeze. Sometimes it will just start doing it one time after another so as soon as it unfreezes it will freeze up again. Sometimes it will play for an hour before it does it again.

I called Dish and they said they are sending me a replacement receiver. I'm not happy since I paid good money for this back a few months ago.

They then told me if it was found to be user damage that they wouldn't warranty it. I'm not worried about that so much but what if they watch it and never see the skipping issue as it is intermittent. Am I going to get charged for it or what?

Hopefully I also don't have to go through this crap with them trying to put this thing as leased again like they did when I bought it. It better show up as owned after I get it or this time instead of dealing with all the crap I went through last time I may just be switching to Direct TV.
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