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May 30, 2008
My original 722 had a freezing problem when playing back recorded and paused shows. It didn't happen during all shows, but enough that I knew it was a problem. I was told on a chat with a tech person to try deleting all the recordings and do a hard reset. I did that, and my receiver proceeded to tell me that pause and recording functions were no longer available. There were no problems playing live programming. I called CS, was able to RMA it, and was sent a replacement.

My replacement, has a freezing problem too. Every single recording starts freezing up within the first 30 seconds. I tried the delete everything/hard reset thing, and it didn't not resolve the issue. This one, too, has no problems playing live programming.

So my question is, could this be a line problem? A dish problem? I have another DVR in my house that is older and has no problems whatsoever. Could it just be a coincidence that the replacement has a similar problem as the original? I know they usually/always send refurbished DVRs so it wouldn't surprise me if I was just sent a lemon. I'd like to avoid having tech come out if its just a receiver problem.
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