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Apr 22, 2005
Columbus, Ohio
Watched TV last night, like usual. Turned everything off.
This morning, hit the Guide button, and could only select "All Chan", "All Sub", or "All HD".

I could see my other favorites, and they were named what I named them, but couldn't select them. I have "Main", "Sports", "Sirius", and "PPV" set up.

Did a few reboots, and they wouldn't work.

Finally went to the lists, and realize nothing was selected. Had to redo them all, it was the same for TV2.

I took 449 a while ago with no issues. and no other issues to date.

Basically, wondering if it's just me.

If it happens again, guess I'll call them.


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Sep 26, 2003
I've seen this happen on my 622 once. The tech guys at E* said it just happens sometimes. Hasn't happened again.

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