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Sep 3, 2009
Howdy -
I have a new 722 receiver.

I've got Tv1 hooked up to my hdtv through hdmi and it works great.

Is the only option to send video to Tv2 the RCA jacks out (left, right, video)?

Is there an option to send the audio/video to Tv2 through coax?

What does the "Home Distribution" coax on the back of the receiver do?

I tried to read the manual but am struggling to understand.

Thanks for your time!


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Aug 10, 2009
Home Distribution is your TV2 connection. Run a cable from that to your second TV and it will operate independently from the TV1 connection. You will however need to make sure the 722 Receiver is in Dual mode (not single). You will also need a TV2 remote.

Why was there only one TV hooked up to begin with?


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Nov 17, 2009
Panhandle Florida
The home distribution output, is just that. It modulates your TV2 signal through a variety of channel options and provides signal to remote locations via a coaxial connection. So to directly answer your question, yes you can use coax cabling to provide signal to remote tv locations. If you need to send the TV2 signal via the same COAX as your SAT signal you can use diplexers to split/combine the signal, preventing running another COAX to you receiver.

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